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Our initiative is dedicated to your fostering expertise in the realm of investment through real experiences in finance and business analysis. Our primary focus revolves around strategically deploying our funds exceeding a net asset value of ₹1,00,000 into promising yet undervalued companies, hence optimizing returns.

By meticulously scrutinizing diverse industries and stocks using growth indicators, our fund makes well-grounded, long-term investment choices using real capital in the BSE and NSE. This program not only refines finance and investment skills but also establishes a structured framework for understanding various businesses in different industries.


Key elements of our fund encompass the creation of equity research reports, financial models, valuations, qualitative and quantitative analysis

Over time, this six-figure fund has consistently aimed at generating wealth through value-based investing and is committed to upholding this trajectory of success.

Invest in yourself and the future of investing with IFSA Hansraj!

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